Finding my Sales Values

One of the most important things any salesperson can know and understand is their personal sales values and the true sales values of their organization. 

Personal Sales Values 


For me, coming to understand my personal sales values dramatically shifted my trajectory in sales. Figuring out exactly why I was selling and figuring out if it was more than money, hint if it is just for the money find another way to make money you will be miserable in sales. I am not saying providing a certain standard of living for yourself and your family is an invalid motivation, I am saying if the motivation is a six figure income it is not enough. If you do think of the money as a primary motivation, dive deeper, why does the money motivate you? What do you want to do with it? What can you do with it that you could not without? Are you seeking the thrill of the chase? Is the size of the check a score card for you? I discovered I liked sales because I liked to solve problems, create solutions, and helping people and organizations reach their goals. Sure, the money is nice, and it does allow a greater degree of freedom, but it isn’t worth the cost in time energy and frustrations. 


Once I had a good feel for why I was selling, figuring out what goods or services would fit my intrinsic motivators to sell was next. Many salespeople take great pride in being able to sell anything to nearly anyone, I felt that way for many years of my sales career, many long successful draining miserable years. Once I began to shift my focus towards aligning what I was selling with the natural motivations for me to sell it shifted, the sales cycle and process energized me. An afterhours meeting or call became an exciting opportunity to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the real challenges my customer was facing. My brain was freed up and fulling engaged, the logical and creative working collaboratively toward a single purpose. So, I learned I needed to sell products and services that I truly believed in, that I had the freedom and ability to change, and that truly did help my customers reach their goals. I now evaluate every opportunity I have from this perspective, and now understand that just because the offer is good doesn’t mean it is right for me.  


With my personal why and what in place the final piece for my defining my sales values was how I was going to go about the sales process. Was I going to grind through 100 cold calls per day, trying to find one prospect willing to give me five minutes of their time? Was I going to hit the road and knock on every open door? Essentially, what sales process was I willing to follow consistently, for me the shotgun approach never felt right. I am more of a sniper kind of salesperson, I would rather do my research, calculate my angles, figure out the trajectory and take the one-shot.  Somehow, I had a natural understanding that not everyone was my customer.  

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